2021 Fashion Trends


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Fashion is very cyclical in nature. While new trends do arise, there is often heavy influence from the styles of the past. In today’s article, we are going to look into our crystal ball, and attempt to predict what trends will play a major role in fashion for 2021.

Flared Denim & 70s Couture

We believe pant styling will be one of the most interesting parts of 2021. We think flared denim will be something that not only will blossom into a trend, but will also provoke consumers to tap into 70s couture. This doesn't necessarily mean we will all be dressing like we are a part of a 70s action-adventure film. We just think that the interest in 70s fashion will have an uptick due to the rise of flared denim.

Doc Martens - Aged Sneakers - Chunky Footwear

If you know anything about fashion right now you know that Doc Martens are selling like pancakes at the best diner in town. In other words, they are selling really well. We see no end to this Doc Marten train in 2021. The shoes for both men and women have been a success in all respects, and have cemented themself as a fashion mainstay. 

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Aged sneakers were also a very popular trend in 2020. Some companies even decided to preage sneakers to get the desired design look that they wanted. In our opinion, this will continue at the very least in the first half of 2021. We see this trend prominent for silhouettes such as the Jordan 1 & 4. As well as for Nike SB Dunks.


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What do you think will be popular in 2021? Comment your thoughts down below we would love to hear from you.

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