3 Ways to Support Small Black-Owned Businesses

Supporting your Black friends' ventures is both rewarding and benevolent. However, there is more than just one way to support the people around you who are taking the risk to start their business. This article will show you 3 ways that you can support small Black-owned businesses without having to spend a dollar.


  • Leaving Positive Reviews

    Most businesses are subject to having their website placed on Google or Facebook. This means that customers can leave reviews and feedback to help boost the visibility of the business. For example, Edward Joiner has Google reviews from customers who have bought products and reviews from people who have not. If you want to help small Black-owned businesses, take a few minutes to leave a positive review for them on those platforms. This small act goes a long way for businesses that are just starting out.


  • Asking Others to Follow on Social Media

    Social media is one of the greatest tools a business has at its disposal. However, for many businesses, it is difficult to increase their reach because gaining more followers can be a struggle. One very simple way to mitigate this is by reaching out to your friends and family on social media, and asking them to follow the small Black-owned business that you know. For many businesses, the more followers they have, the more momentum they build up to reach a larger audience. This is a very simple and easy way to help businesses grow their online presence.


  • Sharing Their Content

    Most businesses create content to share and give insight into what is going on within the business. One of the easiest ways to support these businesses is by sharing their content with others that you know will gain value from the post. This is a win-win situation. Sharing the content with others also increases the number of people who know about the business and helps the business grow.




    We hope you enjoyed these three simple tips to help support small businesses. If you have any more tips leave a comment down below with your suggestions!


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