5 Denver Brands You Should Know About

Every once in a while, we feel the need to give credit where credit is due. Today’s article highlights five Denver-based brands that we think are noteworthy. Each brand brings its very own unique set of attributes to fashion for the city. From vintage to streetwear, these five brands have caught our attention at Edward Joiner, and we think you should know about them too. 


1.Be A Good Person

Be A Good person


Be A Good Person totes itself as the brand with “the most basic concept.” The brand has collabed with the likes of LuluLemon and other Denver-based artists and creatives. One of our favorite brands for a while, BAGP is definitely a company you should check out.


2.False Ego

False Ego


Jevon Taylor’s False Ego is on the rise. After recently setting up its very first retail store, the brand is continuing to build more and more momentum in Denver. We also give a nod to the brand for its focus on sustainability and thoughtfulness when it comes to product creation.


3.Orenda Lou

Orenda Lou


Need a new vintage piece? Look no further than Orenda Lou. This brand’s focus on vintage-wear and minimal streetwear has more than garnered our attention. We are quiet fans of Orenda Lou and the work the brand puts out.





One of the most popular brands in Denver right now is Jiberish. This ski-mountain-outerwear-centric brand is playful and creative. As the brand continues to ascend, we will continue to take cues on how they are making their mark.



Station Denver


Station is one of the most interesting brands on this list. Why? Because of their focus on collaboration, they continually come out with products that are unique to each proj

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