The Musical Journey of Artist Tyson "Ty" Rodgers

Music is one of the most amazing experiences that we get to have as people. Whether the sounds are melodic, fast-paced, or mellow, the art of music is a part of each one of our lives. Tyson “Ty” Rodgers is a young artist who is beginning to make a name for himself. We had the opportunity to sit down and talk to him about his creative journey in music.


Ty was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado. He cherishes his childhood because of the strong relationship he had with his brothers and family. As a kid growing up in Aurora, Ty was big on sports. He played basketball, football, and baseball when he was young and continued his athletics throughout high school. Creating music was not something Ty was particularly interested in as a kid, but he did enjoy listening to it.

“Growing up, there was a lot of hip-hop and rap in the house: 50 Cent, Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Drake,” said Ty.

These, along with several other artists, were integral parts to Ty’s initial exposure to what he considered “enjoyable music.” As he continued to grow up, he began expanding his musical pallet. Ty talked to us about how he does not exclusively listen to hip-hop and rap but that his ear is drawn to anything that phonetically sounds good to him. For example, he mentioned to us that he listens to artists such as Billie Ellish, and that he even enjoys slower more classical music as well. Towards the end of high school, Ty began to shift his focus from sports to music. This shift was the beginning of his artistic journey.

Ty’s Musical Style

Towards the end of high school, Ty decided to make his first song ever. His older brother was a huge factor in encouraging him to get started. After Ty had made the song for fun, he realized the enjoyment that he got from making music. The first song he made was in February of 2018, and from that moment he never looked back. Ty invested in a laptop and began taking his musical endeavors more seriously. Initially, Ty was met with frustration as he began trying to teach himself how to create beats and learn certain instruments. However, through hard work, persistence, and determination he progressed immensely.

“I really just fell in love with creating music. For that whole summer, I taught myself how to make beats, how to make melodies, and how to stay on key. I wasn’t huge on rapping or singing yet, I was more into writing poems. I would take a previously written poem and put it on a beat,” said Ty.

The poems that Ty laid over his beats were milestones for him and fed into his confidence as an artist. 2018 was a huge year for Ty in terms of music, because he learned and explored his range as an artist. Now, at age 20, Ty has 14 songs available to listen to on Apple Music and is also on Spotify, and Soundcloud. The way he describes his music now is a mix of hip-hop, R&B, and alternative. Ty just released a new song titled “Blessings” which is previewed below.


This song showcases Ty’s melodic and lyrical skills. Something that he really prides himself on is that every single song that he has released was solely created by him, including the beat, the lyrics, and the tune. All of his songs are original productions. “Blessings” is definitely a song that we gravitated towards when listening to it. Ty’s sound is unique and is polished to the point where it does not come off as amateur. We can not wait to see how Ty continues to grow as an artist. His flow is both youthful and calm which is not typical of most artists at his age. 

What’s Coming Next

You can expect new music from Ty sometime in the late fall. He is extremely excited to be working on a song that is geared towards that time of the year. He told us that there is something special about being able to listen to music when it is cold outside and you are nuzzled up at home.

Conversation Wrap-up

Tyson “Ty” Rodgers was a pleasure to speak with. All of his links will be listed below, so be sure to check out some of his work.

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