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We had the privilege of talking with Davontay Ivery, the founder and creative director of fashion brand Boy Blondey. During our conversation, we got to know more about the man behind the brand. In this article, you will have the opportunity to learn about his work in fashion.



Boy Blondey was founded in 2019 by former athlete and model Davontay Ivery. Ivery grew up in Brooklyn, in the same area that rapper Pop Smoke was from. Being a kid in Brooklyn during the early 2000s, Ivery loved basketball. Two of his favorite players growing up were Kobe “Bean'' Bryant and Penny Hardaway. He was a fan of how skilled Kobe was and how Kobe approached the game. It was around 11th grade that Ivery became interested in fashion. He started his own fashion blog on Tumblr, which received its fair share of recognition. After high school, Ivery continued his athletic career by playing college basketball until he retired from the game competitively. He would eventually meet designer Ray Miah, who initially asked Ivery to model for his New York-centric brand Oree NYC. This was the first time Ivery was ever asked to model. He told us about how nervous he was and that initially it was not the best experience. However, through persistence, he gained more confidence in his poses and posture. The more Ivery worked with Ray Miah, the more his interest grew for starting his own venture. Ivery says that his relationship with Miah sparked his interest in creating Boy Blondey. Throughout our conversation, Ivery made it clear that being able to meet and work with other creatives truly helped make his dream become a reality.

The Start of Boy Blondey

Boy Blondey just passed its one year anniversary in May of 2020. Ivery said that the brand’s unique style comes from 70s disco aesthetics, Ralph Lauren, and Ivy League couture clothing. He also spoke about the challenges he faced when starting Boy Blondey in 2019. 


“I didn’t know where to start…. But I just I just made it happen,” said Ivery.


Ivery talked about the friendships he developed while modeling for Ray Miah and while creating his brand. What really impressed us about Davontay Ivery was his understanding of the current consumer. He mentioned how in fashion consumers are becoming more aware of the products they buy. He believes that streetwear and fast fashion are both falling out of the spotlight, while vintage clothing and a more rugged aesthetic are becoming more prominent.

What’s Coming Up for Boy Blondey


Boy Blondey is gearing up for its second drop of 2020. The drop is currently being made in New York by Rafa Valeon an esteemed garment finisher. The drop will include tees, crewnecks, and tote bags. Boy Blondey’s “Drop 2” for 2020 will be exclusively available at www.boyblondey.com in June. Ivery expressed his excitement to show more range in his design skills in this collection, and he is looking forward to its release.


Bonus Question We Asked


What other brands are you a fan of?

Aime Leon Dore, Noah NYC, Ralph Lauren

Final Thoughts on the Conversation


It was a pleasure talking to Davontay Ivery about his brand. We hope that one day Edward Joiner and Boy Blondey will do a collaborative project. Ivery’s social media, as well as Boy Blondey’s website, will be outlined below.

Davontay Ivery’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rebirthofstixx/

Boy Blondey Website: https://www.boyblondey.com/

Boy Blondey Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/boyblondeyco/


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