Can You Be Too Old for Streetwear?


The streetwear scene appears to be generally flooded with youth, but adults over the age of 50 are also rocking the style.

The internet went wild in 2017 when photos of a 71-year-old man named Alojz Abram wearing Supreme and Thrasher items were posted by his grandson on Instagram. Abram’s interest in streetwear had sparked only a year before the photos went viral. Since then, he has become a streetwear icon and social media influencer.


Seniors are revolutionizing the idea of streetwear across the world and turning into icons of the style.





Kith, a renowned streetwear brand, recently launched the new campaign Kith for BMW. For their campaign photos, they used an older model to showcase the clothing.


When older people are seen wearing clothes that are considered “young,” it brings a bit of class and sophistication to the style.

Whatever your identity may be, there are no limits to style. That’s the beauty of fashion.

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