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Art is ubiquitous. It comes in various forms and contexts. Chance Eugene Coward is a 20 year old artist from Denver, Colorado. Coward’s brand “UniqUjean” specializes in creating custom items of clothing. This article will give background to Coward’s life, brand, and artistic vision.


Chance’s Background


Coward was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. He describes his childhood as “pleasant” up until around nine years. Around the age of nine Coward’s parents split up. This event had a reverberating effect on Coward’s life at the time. Traveling back and forth from his mom’s house to his dad’s house was challenging for him.


“ Through that process, I feel like I got bad anxiety because I was always moving. I was never at the same school forever, and it was difficult to make friends. So like, I was kinda lonely,” said Coward.


Coward’s challenging adolescence pushed him to find people and outlets that were constructive. He began taking an interest in art and fashion. The first medium Coward was introduced to was graffiti. He would religiously watch YouTube videos on different techniques and study how the art form is done correctly. Eventually Coward got the point where he could create art without a reference. This was an important point in Coward’s artistic journey because this was the moment he could project his truly unique artistic imprint. Times got better for Coward as he grew up. In high school, he continued to blossom as a creative and in 2017, around his junior year, he created UniqUjean.



UniqUjean is Coward’s custom fabric altercation and design venture. His business is heavily focused on creating and altering denim jacket pieces by hand. The name “UniqUjean” comes from the fact that Coward always strived to be unique, especially throughout high school.


“I’ve always wanted to be different. I didn't want to wear the same shoes as everyone. I didn’t want to have the same H&M jacket as everyone else. I was always trying to find something completely different,” said Coward.


This desire to be different and individualistic is also reflected in the work that Coward creates. He rarely references other art when creating, because he wants his artistic vision to shine through. As Coward continues to grow, we expect his art to continue to get more and more recognition. 


Coward is always available for custom pieces. Contact him via his Instagram, which will be linked at the bottom of this article. 

Future Projects & Plans


Coward went in depth with what he has planned for the future of UniqUjean. He is currently working on his Visionary Collection. This collection is set to debut sometime later this year and will focus on three integral components to Coward’s creative history. The first component is graffiti art and its influence on his work. The second component is design and how he has transitioned from art into design. Lastly, the third component is denim, which is the main canvas or medium Coward uses to create pieces for UniqUjean.


Conversation Recap


Chance Eugene Coward was an amazing guest to speak with. The young man has a lot ahead of him, and we can not wait to see his Visionary Collection in the latter half of 2020.


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