Creative, Emilie Chaumillon

This week, we had an extremely fun time listening to and talking with young creative Emilie Chaumillon. Chaumillon devotes a good portion of her current life to creating new works of art as well as creating DIY garments. In this article, you will learn about how Chaumillon grew into the creative that she is today. 


Emilie Chaumillon was born in Santa Monica, California and lived there for a few years before moving to Colorado. Chaumillon had very unique childhood experiences because her mother is Hawaiian and her father is French. Chaumillon went to an international elementary school, where she learned French and became involved in art. She enjoyed drawing and painting as a kid, and is thankful that her parents provided her with the necessary supplies to create. As Chaumillon continued to mature, her art improved, and she eventually grew an interest in creating and sewing her very own clothes.

The Art & the Clothing

Chaumillon has developed into a very impressive artist. She spends a lot of her time creating digital art due to the convenience and features of the medium. She describes an app called Procreate as one of her all time favorite tools for creating. However, digital art is not the only creative passion that Chaumillon has. One of the coolest parts about her story is that her mother owned her very own clothing company. This introduced Chaumillon to pattern cutting, sewing, and finishing. A lot of what Chaumillon does now is what is described as “thrift flipping,” which is taking clothes from the thrift store and repurposing them into new garments. Chaumillon’s ability to sew and create new garments out of fabric is fascinating and quite admirable. The amazing part about it all is that she is 100% self-taught.

Current Projects

Chaumillon was proud to tell us that she has created a multitude of masks during the pandemic. She even donated the masks to different organizations that were lacking supplies. Right now, she often finds herself creating artwork for her boyfriend’s up-and-coming brand or completing commissioned work. There is no day when Chaumillon is not creating, which is why her skills keep improving and her art continues to garner attention.


Final Thoughts

We really enjoyed having Emilie Chaumillon as a guest on our podcast. If you want to connect with her more, we have provided a link to her social media below. You can also listen to the entire conversation by clicking the link to the Beyond the Garment Podcast. 

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