Music Artist, Darius Trip

Some of the most talented artists in the world are musical artists. In this article, we asked an up-and-coming artist, Darius Trip, to talk about his journey in music. These questions and answers are the result of the interview that we conducted.

  1.     Introduce yourself: What is your name? Where are you from? And what is your background?

I go by Darius Trip; originally hailing from Aurora, Colorado, but currently planting my roots in Phoenix, Arizona. A suburban kid coming from a church-grown household, with my father being a retired pastor. I grew up with both my parents, two older Brothers and a younger sister. I resided in southside Aurora until I made my way to college, and I came up very close to best friend and kinfolk Ray.


  1.     When did you first start getting into creating your very own music?

I started off early with poetry and free verse writing from late middle school into early high school. I began writing my first written verses right around the end of my freshman year going into sophomore year. At first it was just an outlet and a hobby of mine being able to mix both my love for music and joy of inking my own perspective of life. I started taking it serious around sophomore year when I was pushed by my brother Ray to keep writing — First lyrics ever written down were to the instrumental “Acid Rain” by Chance the Rapper

  1.     What are three things, above all else, you want people to know about your 


The first would be to tell anyone that gives an ear to listen, that my envisionment of my own artistry can’t and won’t ever be put in a box. I mean to say that I find myself to be very adept at touching just about any vibration of music I desire. From sounds of the current state of rap/hip-hop and all its sub genres, R&B, Alternative, Lo-Fi, Acoustic and all the way to subgenres of EDM and Rock Music. My favorite sound at the moment however is probably New Age because it doesn’t sound like anything out at the moment. I enjoy keeping the listeners guessing as to what they’ll hear next.

The second purpose comes with my intention that every song and tape released would reach all kinds of people and different ears for music. The purpose is to leave no stone unturned when it comes to how far and how wide can these messages might go and be received. This feat comes with the aim to never allow both myself and the music I make to be sectioned and limited to certain sounds and genres

  1.     What are the details about your most recent projects? What was the inspiration for these particular projects?

My latest tape “Forever and Always” dropped October 2nd, and I have a Lo-Fi, Fall season inspired tape named “Polaroid” coming November 6th. And last but not least for 2020, I am in the works of an Autobiography styled tape called “Dying Feels Like This” (D.F.L.T.), December 11th. “Forever and Always” is a moment of clarity and complete vulnerable expression for myself in dealing with the different stages of love and relationships. I believe the tape speaks for itself in terms of its story line and emotions and feelings expressed throughout. As all my projects are, it is meant to be played top to bottom or you’ll miss key pieces of the story and information. “Polaroid” was thought up a year ago around this time with the creation of the outro song “Polaroid”. I wanted to capture the season of autumn in a sonic painting and show a moment of transformation from one season to another. It’s a break between heavy subject matter talked about in “Forever and Always” and “Dying Feels Like This”. “D.F.L.T.” is a project to shake those that will listen to their core. To be as raw and unapologetic as possible in the trauma, mental illness, and deck of cards I’ve been dealt in this life. Everyone has a story, I just have the chance to tell mine. I don’t want to give too much away though. It's a very personal project that I would like for people to unfold themselves when it arrives.

  1.     Who/what are some influences for your style? 

My major Influences off the bat would have the likes of Chance the Rapper, the late Mac Miller, Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino, Kanye West and Kid Cudi. People who bend sound to their own liking. Smaller yet still significant influences would be the late Juice Wrld and XXX; Saba, Brakence, Wiz Khalifa, Linkin Park, and Tash Sultana. I was involved in my youth worship team in highschool and I am also very much impacted by the music of my parents as they grew up in the height of the Motown and Soul Train era. At the end of the rotation my two elder brothers used to give me their playlists of the hottest tracks from the 90’s and early 2000’s when they were still attending high school.

  1.     What are some things that make your music special?

I personally believe for myself that it’s the relatability and the way that I drive and ride sounds in my own way. There’s a running joke where people like to call artists that use YouTube beats “YouTube rappers” — but you can quite literally find any sound you’re looking for. That takes me back to my comment about not allowing myself to be boxed in. Though I may be using a ‘type beat’, I’m comfortable and confident in the way I approach the music to make it my own. I personally don’t need to build the canvasses, for I’d much rather paint a portrait I like any way I see fit; however, I will let the audience be the judge of that! Again, the music that I make is ultimately meant to reach others and pull at your heart and frame of mind in one way or another. I came to understand how music really affects people. How it can make you hurt and feel good all at once. It’s rather strange and beautiful really; how we chose to decorate pain and joy.

  1.     What are five adjectives you would use to describe your sound? 

Raw. Authentic. Eccentric. Spiritual. Intuitive.

  1.     What can we expect from you in the future?

Well you’ve heard what is to come from myself musically through the end of the year.. but this is less of a quarter than what I have ready to go for 2021. I’m gonna touch just about every sound and vibe I can this upcoming year and do something the music world has never really seen before. My music catalogue by the end of the year will be deeper and more complex than your favorite artist to date. God willing and this is only the beginning. Trip¡


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