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The emergence of sneaker customization has been electrifying. We had the opportunity to talk to young sneaker customizer Devon Brown. He is an up and coming artist with a unique style for his craft. 


Devon Brown’s Background


Devon Brown grew up in Aurora, Colorado where he was raised by his single mother as an only child. The support he received from his mother helped him develop his interests as a kid growing up in Colorado. 


“My mom did a really good job of balancing me out and letting me do the things I wanted to do,” said Brown.


In his youth, Brown gravitated towards movie-themed video games that took cartoon characters and put them into gaming consoles. These games included characters from shows such as Spongebob and from movies like Madagascar. However, it was not all about video games for Brown; he also loved sports. Football was the first sport Brown really enjoyed, but as time went on he transitioned to playing basketball. In high school, he was a formidable player and went on to play in college. After college, Brown started to take an interest in art. He first customized a sneaker for himself and fell in love with the process of sneaker customization. He practiced by using shoes he already owned in order to hone in on his craft. Brown eventually started his own sneaker customization business in June of 2019.





“Skeecustomss” is the name of Brown’s sneaker customization business. Once he felt that he had improved his craft through working on his own shoes, he began customizing for others. His first client was in June of 2019. It was a pair of Nike Air Monarch’s. These sneakers, while they presented some challenges for Brown, still turned out great once he had finished. Skeecustomss has gained a reputable track record so far. Brown has customized Nike Air Force 1s, Jordan 1 Mids, Timberlands, and several other sneaker models. He specializes in recreating characters and icons from pop culture and infusing other art styles that compliment the sneaker silhouette. His art elevates the original design of the sneaker to create something new and unique. Brown’s inspiration as an artist comes from what he sees and what he loves from his childhood. 


Upcoming Projects


Prior to our interview, Brown had just finished up a brand new Air Force 1 customization. He made it a point that for his next project, he plans to customize one of his own pair of sneakers. 


“I've been so busy doing work for others, I haven’t had time to create what I want,” Brown said.


We will definitely be on the lookout for what he ends up doing for his personal customization. If you have a pair of sneakers that you want to customize, make sure to check below for Devon Brown’s personal and business Instagram pages.


Bonus Question


What other artists are you a fan of?

 Brian Donnelly and Sierto. 

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