Edward Joiner and Black Excellence

As the fight towards racial justice in the United States continues, many people have emphasized the importance of ways to support the Black community. There has been a multitude of lists of Black-owned businesses, from across the country, roaming around social media. Edward Joiner is proud to be a part of this community.

With all that is going on in the country at present, we wanted to display a sense of pride in our Black-owned business. Andrew Joiner, who also goes by the name Drew, is the founder and creative director of Edward Joiner. Drew is a Black 2020 college graduate from the University of Denver. He founded Edward Joiner out of his passion for art and clothing, but he also understands that his blackness plays a major role in how he sees and experiences fashion and culture. In this article, we peel off another layer of Edward Joiner to explain how this Black owner is impacted by the racial history of the United States.

One of the most amazing aspects of being a Black creative in 2020 is having the opportunity to define your own path. In the last 10 years, there has been somewhat of a renaissance for Black creatives. Whether it be in traditional art, fashion, or design, there is an increasing number of Black people entering the creative arena. Edward Joiner is a result of this renaissance and is proud to be a pioneer business in that respect. Being a Black brand in 2020 is a deep source of pride for us, especially during these telling times.

“I understand that my business has been a long time coming. There have been generations of sacrifices that have been made in order for me to have created what I have created. I feel a sense of responsibility to my community, to not only express who I am, but to also be excellent in what I do,” says Drew.

The point our founder makes in this quote is powerful. He feels as though he has a responsibility to both himself and the Black people that came before him to be the best version of himself. This Black pride is something that drives him everyday and that he taps into whenever he faces adversity. He also finds pride in being one of less than 1% of Black students at the University of Denver to graduate. He attributes his business demeanor to the education he received.

“I was always taught that education is the key. Why? Because it's something that nobody can ever take away from you. Education helps you discern right from wrong. My ancestors were denied their education because their captives understood that by keeping the oppressed foolish, they can be controlled more easily,” says Drew.

This mentality on education is part of the reason why Drew took college so seriously. He deeply understands the connection between his education and his ability to tackle intellectual tasks in the real world. Drew also wants to prove to young Black boys and girls that Black people can be anything they set their minds to.

“One’s work ethic is a major component to one’s success,” says Drew. “I want to continue to show that with hard work and consistent effort, I can make my dreams a reality. I want to show that my blackness is a gift, because I have to work that much harder just to be seen as equal, and that extra work that I do pushes me even further, past a threshold I did not know existed.” 

We do not just want people to know that Edward Joiner is a sustainably-conscious brand focused on minimalistic, polished designs. We want people to know that Edward Joiner sits on a foundation of Black power and Black excellence.

Supporting Black-owned business, beyond just Edward Joiner, helps amplify Black excellence.

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