EJ Miir Water Bottle Drop

The EJ Miir Water Bottle marks the second ever product release for lifestyle brand Edward Joiner. This reusable water bottle has an 18/8 medical grade stainless steel body with a luxurious curved cap. The simplicity of the bottle embodies the design language we love and strive for at Edward Joiner. 


The logo that we created for this product has two distinct messages. We gave “EJ” a second meaning. While it still stands for the brand name, we also want to associate the logo with a new and powerful message. That message is “Environmental Justice.” Environmental justice is a term first used in the 1980s to highlight social and environmental injustices in America. A prime example of this injustice is communities of color being disproportionately located and impacted by factories and farms that spew out toxic waste. This issue is ongoing, and as the movement towards racial justice continues, it is important to recognize that systemic racism also shapes environmental harm. Justice for the environment and for all people is more important than ever. 


In addition to its powerful message, our reusable water bottle reduces the amount of plastic waste one produces by consuming and throwing away plastic water bottles. Approximately 1 million plastic bottles are purchased every minute worldwide. Unlike plastic bottles, reusable bottles can be used indefinitely, significantly reduce plastic waste, and ultimately save a significant amount of money.


The EJ Miir Water Bottle is now available for $40 (with free shipping on domestic orders) on our website and can be purchased by clicking here.


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