Premiere Hoodie Drop

May 2nd marks the first-ever product release for lifestyle apparel brand Edward Joiner. The Premiere Hoodie is a 14 oz pure black garment. It includes a simple and aesthetic EJ signature embroidery on the left chest. The hooded sweatshirt has a 3-piece form-fitted construction, ribbed side panels, and cross-grain cuts in the front and in the back. The garment is made of 100% cotton, sourced in the United States and milled in Canada. 


All the elements of the garment are extremely important to our brand. We made sure that our first item has high-quality characteristics. We want our customers and our community to understand where we sit in the range of fashion. There are a multitude of brands making clothing right now. For Edward Joiner, we want to be viewed in the same light as brands such as Aime Leon Dore, JJJJound, Noah, Oree NYC, By Parra, and other modern essential fashion businesses. 


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Purchase the garment here.

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