Fear of God's 7th Collection

Jerry Lorenzo

Fear of God’s creator, Jerry Lorenzo, is gearing up for his seventh collection release since the inception of his brand. The way that Lorenzo has been able to grow his brand is nothing shy of marvelous. From collaborations with Nike and Vans, to consistently putting out new American luxury, Fear of God is one of the new classics being built-in fashion right now. In this article, we are going to break down what we think might be in collection number seven.

During the weekend of July 24th, Lorenzo went on Instagram to unveil what he and his team are currently taking collection photos for in relation to the seventh Fear of God collection. What Lorenzo and FOG specialize in is their technical cut and sew adages to their garments. Lorenzo often describes his style as remastered American classic garments. We anticipate that the seventh collection will also showcase remastered classics, alongside items that cater to the comforts of the season. 

Let us know if you are as excited as we are about Fear of God’s seventh collection. We plan to cover the collection in further detail as we learn more.

Jerry Lorenzo

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