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Italy’s beautiful landscape, architecture, and culture have been the inspiration that artists have tapped into for centuries. Laura Vogel’s brand Vogelle is yet another example of a creative falling deeply in love with the “stivale” country, which is “boot” in Italian.




Vogel was born and raised in a suburban community outside the city of Denver named Highlands Ranch. Growing up in Highlands Ranch, she was an energetic kid who played many sports. As she grew up, she gravitated towards basketball and cross country running. These were the two sports in which she excelled the most. As a teenager, Vogel also drew the attention of model agencies.  


“When I was 14, I was scouted for modeling while just shopping at Walgreens. That was also my first exposure into the fashion industry,” said Vogel. 


Soon after being approached, she signed with an agency and flew out to California to embark on her modeling career. At this point in Vogel’s life things were moving at an accelerated pace. She graduated high school early in order to pursue modeling more seriously. After graduating high school, she moved to Mexico City where she modeled for various companies and organizations. Vogel describes her experience as extremely enjoyable, but she was not satisfied with just being a model. Her curiosity for the business elements of the photos she took led her to ask questions about the impact of her work on the business for which she was modeling. Her hunger for this knowledge had an irreversible effect. Fast forward to college, Vogel had the opportunity to travel to Italy in her study abroad program at the University of Colorado Boulder.


While in Italy, she fell in love with the country and the culture. Stylistically, Vogel was drawn to how Europeans put together outfits. Something she pointed out was that the women, in particular, carry around with them small sleek bags that are lightweight and functional. The creation of Vogelle was also the result of Vogel’s curiosity. During her time in Milan, Vogel took note of a group of bike seat repairers that repurposed leather to use as cushions.


“I just started asking them where they were getting their leather from. They offered to show me their guy in Antilia,” said Vogel. 


The generosity of the bike repairmen in addition to Vogel’s curiosity, led her to finding a high-quality manufacturer for a potential company she had in mind. 





Vogelle began in Italy and is deeply connected to the city of Milan. The naming of the company is directly tied to its founder Laura Vogel’s full governmental name. Another reason why she named the brand Vogelle is because it sounds “high fashion.” We definitely agree with her. Vogelle, to its core, creates high-quality leather bags and wallets. The company’s manufacturer does work for some of the biggest high fashion brands in the world. The market position that Vogelle has decided to be a part of is luxury items. When we asked Vogel what separates her brand from others this was her response:


“Quality, but at an affordable price. Our manufacturer is producing for Gucci and other high fashion brands. I offer the exact same quality at a lower price because I want it to be more attainable,” said Vogel.


The impressive part about Laura Vogel’s Vogelle is her ability to capture luxury. Each of her bags and wallets have all the features you would find in a high-end brand while still being compact and aesthetic. The brand is well on its way to becoming something big, as long as it sticks with the formula it has right now. 



What’s Next


Vogelle released its first products in early 2020. Vogel told us that her early success is exciting, but she is eager to roll out new designs for the upcoming season. She told us that she is working on some floral designs to integrate into the leather, which will distinguish her product from other brands. 


Conversation Wrap-up


We had an outstanding time talking to creative Laura Vogel about her brand Vogelle. We can not wait for what she has coming up next. Down below, you can find links to Laura’s Instagram, Vogelle’s Instagram, and Vogelle’s website!

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