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This week’s podcast episode features the talented creative MD. MD runs his brand Divinus and has done so for almost a decade now. We had the opportunity to talk to MD about his story, but we thought it would also be insightful to dedicate a full article to his journey. If you prefer to listen to him tell his story, the link to the podcast is here.




MD has a very unique background. He is half Filipino, half Bengali and grew up on the island of Saipan, which is a part of the Northern Mariana Islands, a U.S. commonwealth in the Western Pacific. Growing up in Saipan was enjoyable overall for MD, but it is quite different from where he lives now in Queens, New York. As a child, MD enjoyed skateboarding a lot, and that is what influenced his style and friendships. He describes skateboarding as one of the biggest factors in starting Divinus. Originally, MD created Divinus to make skate clothes for himself and for his friends. That part of history for the brand is something that won’t ever go away, and you still see it in the brand’s current products.




Divinus is heavily influenced by the city of Queens. Once MD moved to Queens, he was culturally enriched by all that the city had to offer. Often comparing himself to other Queens-based creatives, such as Ronnie Fieg and Teddy Santis, Divinus aims to be a brand about inclusivity and creative freedom. Their most recent capsule sold out on the first day of its release, which speaks volumes about the success that the brand has experienced thus far. The only item that isn’t currently sold out on the site is their Legacy Tote.


Final Thoughts


It was wonderful to speak with MD and learn about his brand Divinus. We only wish the best for him in his endeavor to establish his brand as one of the best that the city of Queens has ever known. Be sure to check out MD and Divinus through the various links below.




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