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This week’s Beyond the Garment Podcast episode introduced us to young and talented blogger Pamela Valdez. Valdez runs her very own blog named Glamour & Guide in which she interviews influencers, talks about fashion, and creates lifestyle mood boards. This article is meant to supplement the conversation we had with her on the Beyond the Garment Podcast. 




Valdez was born and raised in a tight-knit New Jersey community. Being the oldest sibling in her family, she described her childhood as pleasant overall, but she always felt the need to set an example for her younger siblings. As she grew up and went into high school, she made youthful mistakes, but it was during her senior year that she began to find a path for herself. That year she began writing for the fashion column of her school newspaper. Valdez truly enjoyed her experience writing for the newspaper, but she knew there could be aspects of the process that she could improve upon in her own way. This gave way to her starting her very own fashion brand, Glamour & Guide.


Glamour & Guide


Glamour & Guide officially launched mid-2020. Valdez hit the ground running with blog posts covering lifestyle, fashion, and photogenic mood board imagery. The blog is extremely young, being only about two months old. In that short amount of time, Valdez has done interviews with creative Michaela Ebuen as well as fashion blogger and influencer Savannah Lynch Latimer. In our opinion, Glamour & Guide has accomplished two vital attributes in its short lifespan. First, it brings a youthful perspective to fashion, and second, the blog’s site is very well built and professional. Valdez has done an amazing job, and we can not wait to see what she has in store for the future of the blog.


Final Thoughts 


Our conversation with Valdez, via the Beyond the Garment Podcast, was fantastic. If you want to listen in and hear the voice behind the blog, click the appropriate link below to do so. Other links below will also allow you to follow and connect with Pamela Valdez and Glamour & Guide.




Pamela Valdez Instagram


Glamour & Guide Website


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