Photographer, Tasnim Clarke

Tasnim Clarke

Last week we had the opportunity to sit down and talk to creative photographer Tasnim Clarke. Clarke’s journey in photography has been both interesting and fun. If you want to hear her story told directly from her, click here to listen to the podcast.




Clarke was born in Durango, Colorado but spent her early years being raised in New Mexico. She didn’t end up spending too much time in a specific city, because of her step-father’s military background. Since she moved around so much, she began to build an appreciation for different people and cultures. Her childhood was full of many diverse elements. Clarke spent time living in Germany, Kentucky, and Denver. One of the biggest distinctions she made while growing up was the difference between schooling in a military setting versus public high schools. Clarke describes her peers, while going to school on base, as being more inclusive and welcoming. She believes military kids are more friendly because they understand that in four months they might be moved to a different part of the world. On the other hand, in public high schools there tends to be more clicks and less inclusivity. Clarke decided to move back to New Mexico with her father and was admitted into a charter art school. It is at this school that she began to harness her artistic energy. 


Her Work


After high school, Clarke was accepted into Parsons School of Design. It wasn’t until her Sophomore year that she really started to fall deeply in love with photography. The way Clarke shines at as a photographer is by being able to capture unique human expressions while telling a story. 


Clarke’s ability to capture and create storied photos is a distinguishable skill that she continues to develop.


Final Thoughts


Overall, we had a wonderful time talking with Clarke about her journey and her process. We can’t wait to see where her photography takes her and how she will continue to grow.


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