Pool House New York


The written word is its very own form of art. Pool House New York is a master at conveying human truth through words. In this article, you will learn about Pool House New York and how this brand connects with everyone it reaches. 

Pool House New York

The naming of the brand is something that Andrew is proud of because of how eloquent it sounds (we love it too). The Pool House New York that we know today started approximately 11 months ago in June of 2019. Originally, Pool House New York was envisioned to be a fashion brand, but Andrew knew that the brand needed to stand for something more than just clothing. It needed to have an ambiance and message that resonated with people. 

“Nobody wears a shirt just because. You wear clothing to express a part of you. It’s like when you wear Nike, you want to feel like an athlete. Or when you wear a suit, you want to feel like a professional. And when someone wears a Pool House New York shirt, I want them to feel a certain kind of way too. I want them to feel like the world is full of possibilities, which I believe it is, ” said Andrew.

The value Pool House New York brings to its audience is simple and sweet. Every other day, Andrew posts on Instagram an original poem or a piece of writing along with artwork. Each post has two to three words over an image embodying the message. Andrew is masterful at creating this feeling of enchantment and magic with the images he creates. Pool House New York’s poems are amazing at identifying a human truth and expanding upon it in a short and digestible fashion. The bread and butter of this brand is how well it conveys messaging through words and images that allow you to acknowledge a part of yourself.


(Example poem: "Make Art")


What’s Next

Pool House New York has begun to roll out merchandise that captures the ethos of its brand. As of now, Andrew plans to continue making art and he is excited to release more products and clothing in the future. 


Conversation Wrap-Up

The conversation we had with Andrew was incredibly insightful. There is so much that we learned from him as a creative. We hope that Pool House New York and Edward Joiner stay connected and possibly work on a collaborative project. We cannot wait to catch up with Pool House New York in the future. Check out Pool House New York’s social media and website:

Pool House New York Website: https://www.poolhousenewyork.com/clothing/make-dreams

Pool House New York Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/poolhousenewyork/

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