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On July 13th, Reese Cooper unveiled his “River Runs Through” Paris Fashion Week runway show on Instagram. The show highlighted Spring/Summer 2021 collection items in a way unlike we’ve ever seen before. In this article, we are going to break down our overall impression of the show and talk a little bit about why Reese Cooper is one of our favorite designers.


The Show’s Setting


The show was set in the middle of a non-disclosed forest near a stream of water which acted as the runway. The models traveled along the stream showcasing the collection pieces. We love how unique and artistic this show was. The idea was both bold and imaginative. The collection items boasted both utilitarian outdoor functionality and more traditional, comfortable pieces. The 15-minute show was an artistic spectacle, to say the least. It was something that left an impression on us and marks another outstanding runway show for designer Reese Cooper. Not only were we impressed by the nature of the show, we also continue to be inspired by Cooper’s designs. The way he puts together his looks is something we keep referencing when we think about what items we are going to put out in the future for Edward Joiner.


Our Favorite Pieces


Overall, we loved everything about the collection, however, below we highlight three pieces that stuck out to us the most and explain why we like them so much.


(Item #1)

Hunting with Hawks Sweater

Reese Cooper Hunting With Hawks Sweater Image


This knit sweater initially caught our eye because of the color. Cream is such a subtle color and oftentimes does not get the attention that other primary colors get. The fact that this piece is a sweater means that it has a certain level of longevity and comfort. The typography on the sweater is also noteworthy and unique (“Hunting With Hawks”). 


(Item #2)

Canyon Camo CottonTwill Cargo Dress & Care Label Strap Belt.

Reese Cooper's Canyon Camo CottonTwill Cargo Dress & Care Label Strap Belt.


The Canyon Camo CottonTwill Cargo Dress was an item that also stood out to us. The twill dress is executed in such a fun way that we have to showcase it again and give it some love.


(Item #3)

Special Projects Tee Shirt


Reese Cooper's Special Projects Tee Shirt Image


Something that we love at Edward Joiner is clothing that contains messaging. The Special Projects Tee Shirt is a collaborated item with Create Now Arts highlighting the importance of doing. The act of doing will always attract people to whatever objective they are attempting to reach.

Why we are fans of Reese Cooper


Reese Cooper is only 21 years old and already has accomplished so much in his life. We look to him often, because Edward Joiner was started by a 22-year-old fashion lover. The dream would be to one day work on a project with Reese Cooper Inc and create something unique from the perspective of kids who grew up in the early 2000s in the US. Cooper’s work, like ours, is just getting started, and we can not wait to see what else he has in store.





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