Saint Ivory's Semester 2 Collection

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The black-owned women’s streetwear brand Saint Ivory NYC conveys several feelings upon first impression. Initially, their clothing and design language give a sense of nostalgia. Then, the thoughtfulness and beauty of the designs take over. We are so happy to have stumbled upon this unique brand. In this article, we are going to explore the design elements of the brand’s newest collection titled “Semester 2.”

The Inspirations Behind the Collection

There are three key inspirational elements for the Semester 2 collection. The first of the three inspirations is female architect Zaha Hadid. The British Iraqi architect was the first woman to ever receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize, which is an international prize that is awarded annually to an architect for significant achievement. She also received the UK's most prestigious architecture award, the Stirling Prize, in 2010, 2011, and 2012. Hadid is one of the most impactful female architects the world has ever seen. 

The second inspiration for the collection is painter and silhouette artist Kara Walker. Walker is a black artist from Stockton, California. She is an esteemed creative and has won awards such as the MacArthur Fellowship award, which is an award granted to creatives with remarkable originality and dedication to their work. She has also been awarded the Glamour Award for The Artist. Her skill as a painter continues to garner attention from piers and fans from all over the world.

The third inspiration of the collection comes from a reference to women breaking barriers in sports. Saint Ivory pays its respect to the first few women to ever play big-league baseball. These women were Toni Stone, Mamie "Peanut" Johnson, and Constance Morgan. 

One of the most admirable aspects of Saint Ivory is its focus on female excellence. The level of care and respect for amazing women is apparent in this new collection. The brand’s homage to these powerful women is both couth and honorable.

Our Favorite Pieces

"Dream Team" T-shirt

The reason we love this piece so much is both the design and the naming of the piece. Typically, when you make reference to the Dream Team, you are talking about the olympic basketball team. However, this team is full of male athletes only. We love how this version of the Dream Team moniker is used to highlight women who have done amazing work.

 "Big Leagues" T-shirt

Saint Ivory NYC Big Leagues T


One of our favorite pieces in terms of aesthetics, is the Big Leagues T-shirt. If Saint Ivory continues to put out clothing like this, we believe they will only become more successful in their future releases.

"Reading Club" Tote Bag & "Reading Club" T-shirt

Saint Ivory Reading Club Tote Bag

Saint Ivory NYC Reading CLub T-shirt

This concept is very playful. Especially in a time like right now, where we can not spend as much time with others, and the introverted life is becoming more ideal for many people. We love this piece, it is definitely one of our favorites.

Final Thoughts on the Collection

Furthermore, Saint Ivory is dedicating all of the profits from the collection to various charity organizations. The brand is dedicated to highlighting women who have achieved great feats as well as helping give back to institutions and organizations that help bring up the next line of creators for generations to come.

The collection will be available until today July 15th at 12 PM EST. If you miss the opportunity to support this wonderful brand follow them on Instagram for information on future collections.


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Saint Ivory NYC This is an Architect T-shirt

Saint Ivory NYC This is an Architect T-shirt

Saint Ivory NYC Ivory Pencils Sweater

Saint Ivory NYC Girl Guides Hoodie

Saint Ivory NYC Live and Alive T-shirt

Saint Ivory NYC Princeton T-shirt

Saint Ivory NYC Princeton Shorts


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