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Written By: Adrian Crisostomo

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The abysmal year of 2020 sent shockwaves to various industries and aspects of life. Lockdowns were enforced, schools shifted to a virtual experience, and sports were halted. However, an unusual positive may have been developing due to these new restrictions. The consistent routine of a Corporate-America dress code was not a focus of most workers. Though many continued to dress with a business-casual mindset, a majority took advantage of transforming their homes into their new work-offices. Gone were the formalities of wearing dress shirts and ties, and in entered the relevance of comfort.

Many embraced this change in clothing. Meanwhile, footwear would also go through a similar shift. Easy-to-wear footwear became a trend in 2020. Silhouettes from various shoe companies and collaborations with celebrities brought the slip-on shoe back to life. Although the slip-on gained prominence, it was a classic silhouette that became the preferred choice of footwear for many: the clog. 

Originally made of wood, the clog was a part of the Dutch heritage and worn particularly by various labor workers. Since then, clogs have also been worn by various health-care professionals due to their comfort and protection. However, clogs have gone through a stylistic revolution thanks to the veteran footwear manufacturer, Birkenstock.

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In 2020, the Birkenstock Boston has been a go-to choice for many. Yet, this revelation should not come as a surprise. The brand has captured a mixture of comfort, quality, and sustainability with its Boston silhouette. It combines its iconic cork material with a soft footbed, to provide unmatched comfort. With its suede upper, the Boston can be worn in various situations and styles. 

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The resurgence of the Boston was touted by many. From various influencers such as Kanye West, to the boys at Throwing Fits, the shoe has touched an array of people within the fashion industry. 2020 was only the start of this resurgence. The Boston was already popular and only continued to grow through the collaboration with classic streetwear label, Stussy, and design label, Chrome Hearts. Whether you are going to class, downtown, or just casually chilling at home, the Birkenstock Boston is now a staple. Everyone should own a pair of these shoes. 

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