The New Balance 992

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It has been quite a year for the New Balance 992. This illusive sneaker is one of the most popular models of 2020. At Edward Joiner most of the staff is sneaker lover aficionados. A few weeks ago we had a discussion about some of the best sneakers to release in 2020 and we started talking about the New Balance 992. 


The New Balance 992 was first revealed in 2006 in celebration of New Balance’s 100 year anniversary. In 2020 there have been a slew of releases trickled in throughout the year. Most of these releases result in the silhouette selling out within the first few minutes. Sadly, that means none of us have had the opportunity to pick up a pair for retail. 


Our favorite colorway variation of the shoe would have to be the signature grey pair. There is nothing like owning a grey New Balance sneaker. With New Balance, you are getting quality, comfort, and refined style. The 992 is bulkier than something like the 990 or the 327 but it still retains a sporty feel. Because we have never had a pair in hand we are unaware of the way the sneaker fits. But if you own a pair of the New Balance 992 leave a comment on this article to let others know about your experience while owning the shoe.


In the future, we will continue to bring you articles pertaining to sneakers we love. If you have a favorite sneaker that you want us to review or want a place to write about it yourself. Feel free to send us a dm on our Instagram!


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