The Rise of Buying Vintage

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At this time, more people are buying vintage and second hand than ever before. Whether that includes sports tees, Dickies workwear, cartoon graphics, or anything in between, the vintage aesthetic is a dominating force in fashion. This article will explain why vintage items have ramped up in popularity during the last few years.

Homage to the Past

One of the biggest reasons why vintage items are so popular right now is because they shed light on garments and designs from past eras. One of the best examples of this is vintage sports graphic tees. There has been a huge surge in popularity for vintage Chicago Bulls shirts, as well as other vintage sports apparel, because those items capture the essence of what it meant to be a fan of that team in that era. Other vintage items often pay homage to different parts of the world, events, groups of people, and types of garment construction. These items have a particular lure to them, especially for the younger generation, because it allows for an appreciation of the past. Another aspect that drives the demand for vintage items is their limited quantities.

Exclusivity and Supply

One of the draws of vintage clothing is the fact that the items are difficult to acquire in good condition. For example, some of the most expensive vintage items ever sold on eBay sold for well over $1000. This doesn’t mean that in general buying vintage items is expensive, but there are certain items that have high demand which can be very expensive. The exclusivity of certain items can also be a pull for some trying to acquire limited vintage items. A part of fashion is very much so predicated on being able to wear items that others don’t have the opportunity to acquire. This factor has also helped the rise of vintage buying.

Great Places to Buy Vintage Items

Linked below are some great online retailers that curate and stock vintage items for sale. If you know of any other vintage shops, be sure to list them in the comments section of this article.

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