Top 3 Summertime Sneakers for 2020


Sneakers are an extremely fun form of self-expression. We have compiled a short list of the top summertime sneakers for 2020. Let us know how we did by commenting on this article.


Jordan 1s

The Jordan 1 is one of the most iconic sneakers ever. In 2020 Jordan brand has done a phenomenal job of releasing several variations of the shoe. The Jordan 1 is also an extremely versatile sneaker that can be worn with shorts, pants, dresses, suits, and anything in between.

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New Balance 990s

The New Balance 990 is one of the best sneakers to come out period. Made in America, with superior comfort and wearability, the 990 is one of the best summertime sneakers for 2020.


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Nike SBs

The Nike SB is on fire right now. Even if you don’t skateboard this shoe is a fun way to express yourself for the summertime. While the hype is real for certain models you can find general release SBs and rock them in your very own unique way!

Nike Sb

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