What is Fashion?

Written By: Steven Espinoza 

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What fashion is, to me.

What is fashion? Don't worry, it's not a question that can be answered quickly. Actually, that's because there is no right answer. If you look through the dictionary, “fashion” is defined as, “a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior.” The definition given is too broad, and it doesn't justify the identity of fashion. Look at Instagram, home of the infamous “fit-pic.” The app is able to showcase various distinct levels of fashion by its many users. In observing the photos posted, there is a sense of creativity that cannot be replicated. This uniqueness lies within the person and beyond what is actually being worn.  That's why fashion cannot be limited to a single definition; it holds a much deeper meaning. An understanding I've gained is that fashion is more of a life journey — a journey of how people live every day, while expressing themselves as an individual. Style goes beyond the garments we wear on our backs or bling from the jewelry we own. Fashion is a mindset based upon figuring out what you truly like and what makes you feel different. 

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The idea of fashion is subjective to whoever you may ask. One person might have a passion for thrifted apparel and unique clothing. At the same time, someone else might dedicate their style to trend-chasing. When I think about fashion, there are two aspects which I believe are essential and that deeply resonate with me. They include becoming comfortable with what you are wearing and having confidence. Confidence is the most important of the two. Why? Well, without the proper confidence, no matter what you wear, it'll never work. Lack of confidence deteriorates the outlook of an outfit. However, once that confidence is found, almost anything you wear will work.

Some pieces I love include the Air Jordan 1 High “Shadow” 1985  and the essential hoodies from Cromwell Valley. Both of these items display qualities that I highly appreciate and that further my own perception of fashion. The Jordan 1 Shadow is a beautiful shoe. From the iconic black, grey, and white color blocking down to the legacy the sneaker holds, this rendition of the Jordan 1 is and always will be a classic. Furthermore, my love for Cromwell Valley comes from the care and precision given in making the garments and comfort that each hoodie maintains.

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For someone else, the foundations and essentials of fashion may be different. That is the beauty of style; no two people will share the same exact principle. What someone interprets as fashion is different from what I think or what you think. The means to develop a sense of individuality is what I believe fashion truly is. Whether it be through “fit pics” or even picking an outfit and simply going outside, the meaning of the word “fashion” is more profound than what any definition could tell us.

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