What Makes Edward joiner Sustainable

One of the biggest values Edward Joiner brings to the fashion industry is its focus on sustainability. Our promise is to curate simple high-quality and sustainable products, but how do we maintain this promise for our customers? This article will explain what makes Edward Joiner a sustainable lifestyle brand in 2020.


The Premiere Hoodie


The Premiere Hoodie is the only product currently available for the brand. It is meant to set the tone for what one can expect in terms of future garments that are produced by Edward Joiner. Key features of the Premiere Hoodie include its 100% ultra-soft cotton blend and the location from which it is sourced, namely from Georgia and Texas. The sourcing of the garment is an important aspect to the sustainability of the product, because the fact that the cotton is grown in the U.S and that we are a U.S based company means that the distance traveled from farm to factory to us is minimized. Our garments are cut, sewed, finished, and dyed in Canada. The reason why we decided to work with this manufacturer is because we know they pay their craftsmen and craftswomen justly. We take pride in being able to create extremely well-made garments that are rooted in sustainable and ethical practices.




We are extremely proud to say that all of Edward Joiner’s packaging is 100% recycled, biodegradable, and recyclable. This is very important to us, because it means that we do not use any single-use plastics. Oftentimes, fashion brands seal their garments in plastics, however, we want to show that having quality products does not require contributing to waste. Our level of conscious product packaging makes the world much safer for future generations.


Future Products and Projects


Our promise at Edward Joiner is to always create products that align with sustainability and quality. We never want to and will never profit from the destruction of the planet. This mindset is a major pillar of the business and will always be so moving forward.

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