2021 Brand Expectations

 Edward Joiner 2021 Brand Expectations

Edward Joiner is approximately 7 months old. In those 7 months the team has learned so much about how we want to operate as a brand. When Edward Joiner was created we had no idea that 2020 would be the tumultuous year that it was. That adversity put our business into challenging perspectives, and tested whether or not starting the brand was the right decision. We quickly found out that not only was the brand something we wanted to do, but we felt as though the brand’s emphasis on sustainability, quality, and seamless design are what the world needs more than ever. 

Moving into 2021 Edward Joiner plans to continue to emphasize these core aspects of the brand. All products will incorporate sustainability, quality and minimalistic design language. We took note of the fact that our audience truly enjoyed non-traditional items. Items  such as candles and water bottles. In 2021 we will  include more product offerings than in 2020 due to the fact we are much more comfortable with design and production.

Thank you so much for your support in 2020 and we can’t wait to show you what we have been working towards for 2021!

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