Why Fashion and Technology are Similar

When you think of “fashion,” you probably think of fashion shows, designers, and the trendiest style right now. When you think of “technology,” you probably think about the internet, smart devices, and AI. What could these two industries possibly have in common? In this article, we will talk about the distinct similarity between fashion and technology.


Most of us do not typically think of fashion and technology in the same vein, but they are actually quite similar. The first aspect that ties fashion and technology together is that they both have no destination. This means that they always progress in new directions. From the invention of the radio, to the creation of the internet, technology always progresses. This evolution is the same when it comes to fashion. From Bustle dresses in the 1800s, to reverse-weave cotton sweatshirts today, fashion is an ever developing concept. What is fashionable now will most likely not be fashionable in 50 years. This notion also applies to technology in that the devices we see now will not be comparable to the technology we will have in 2070. Each generation of designers bring their own interpretation of what style is. This style is represented in the clothes that are made as well as the clothes that are deemed undesirable.


Another key similarity between fashion and technology is how they affect our daily lives. Fashion is a form of self expression. The clothing that we wear and the way we style ourselves says something about who we are as individuals. This rings true for technology as well. The type of technology that we use shows what our interests are and expresses a piece of ourselves to others. For example, some people enjoy playing video games and spend hundreds of dollars on certain entertainment technology, while others are more interested in the arts and use their money to buy digital tablets to create art. In regards to fashion, some people buy vintage while others enjoy streetwear. The options and choices are both fun and ever changing because of the nature of fashion and technology.


The truth about fashion and technology is that as societies progress and evolve, so will these expressions of human intellect. That is what makes both of these industries so exciting, especially in a time like right now where it seems that every other day something brilliant is being created.

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