Why Sustainability Must Be the Future of Fashion

Stella Mccartney

Edward Joiner was founded in the beginning of 2020 with three integral pillars: sustainability, minimalism, and quality. These are and always will be the most important attributes of the brand. The sustainability aspect of our brand is something we pride ourselves on, but we think there needs to and will come a day when all fashion businesses adopt a sustainable mindset. In this article, we discuss why sustainability must be the future of fashion.

Why Sustainability Matters

We live in an ever-evolving and complicated world. From social crises to unexpected pandemics, there are a number of problems the world is facing right now. Climate change is one of the biggest problems humanity must overcome in order to ensure the safety of future generations. Fashion is one of the biggest contributors to the problem of climate change because of the waste it produces and the way in which it damages the environment. Sustainable fashion matters, because it provides a better way to meet the needs of consumers while also making sure that the environment is taken care of. Art, creativity, and individuality do not have to be compromised for companies that need to make the transition. In fact, what most companies will find out is that using high-quality, recycled, and ethically-sourced materials will be comparable in price or cheaper than using materials that neglect to address the environmental impact.

The Future of Fashion

Fashion’s future is in a delicate place. There are a lot of large companies attempting to market themself as sustainable but have not truly dedicated themselves to sustainability. There are several companies involved in environmental pacts and that make pledges to a more sustainable future, however a lot more still needs to be done. Sustainability can start small and grow over time, from something as small as sourcing products locally to using a more sustainable fiber. All fashion companies must reconsider business as usual and find ways to make sustainability as sexy as their newest collection.

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