Yeezy Foam Rnnr Ararat

Yeezy Foam RNNR

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Written by: Drew Joiner 


One of the most interesting products to come out of the Adidas Yeezy cohort in recent years is the introduction of Yeezy Foam RNNR Ararat. Originally released June 26th of this year, the clog-sneaker hybrid is quite unique. In today’s article, I am going to evaluate what makes the Foam RNNR such a special shoe.

Yeezy Foam RNNR

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Upon first seeing the Yeezy Foam RNNR Ararat on foot, I was taken back by the structure of the shoe. The immediate thought that ran through my mind was: Is this a house shoe? Or is this a wearable street sneaker? The conclusion I have come to in most situations is that the sneaker can be worn outside, but that its main value comes from wearing it as a house shoe. 

Two of the coolest things about the shoe are its materials and the shape. Both of these aspects are extremely unique, whether you like the sneaker or not. It has been reported that the entire body of the shoe is made of algae sourced from the U.S. That is incredible! From a technology standpoint, I have never heard of a shoe of this caliber being made of such material. I’m glad to see Kanye use an unconventional yet sustainable material for one of his newest products. The organically shaped cut-outs carved throughout the upper is what makes the silhouette of the shoe so unique. Although I do agree that the Yeezy RNNR draws similarity to a Croc, the structure of the Yeezy is so alien and different.

Yeezy Foam RNNR

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Let me know what you think about the shoe in the comment section below. Do you like them? Are they overrated? Or are they just weird!? Right now, the shoe is being resold for $400-$500 depending on size. 

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