Founded in 2020, Edward Joiner is a black-owned lifestyle brand that curates high-quality products. The brand aims to bring an elevated level of simplicity, sustainability, and comfortability in its fabrics and designs.

Our Media Channels

Both the Beyond the Garment Publication and the Beyond the Garment Podcast are dedicated media sources to enrich the lives of others by writing and talking about sustainability, art, fashion, culture. 

Beyond the Garment Publication

Beyond the Garment Podcast

Our Team

Drew Joiner, Founder & Creative Director

Drew Joiner Founder of Edward Joiner


"Edward Joiner is a personal dream that I have cultivated over the course of the my life. The brand is a reflection of my creative energy alongside my knowledge in fashion, sustainability, and contemporary art."

Lauren Zurcher, Chief Communications Officer & Head of Sustainability

Lauren's Edward Joiner Photo



"It is not an option but rather an obligation to work with — not against — nature. Edward Joiner allows me to pursue my love for art and fashion in tandem with the devotion to protect the environment and humanity."