Candles Sustainability Page



Each Edward Joiner candle was hand poured in small batches to minimize waste. All the ingredients and materials used to make the candles are 100% organic and non-toxic. We used an all-natural coconut oil and beeswax blend to create a clean, high-grade candle. The beeswax acts as a natural air purifier and increases the longevity of the candle. The wicks are primed with a vegetable-based wax giving the candle an even-keel burn throughout its life cycle. All candles are infused with organic vanilla and lavender essential oils. 

The candle container is partially made of post-use glass, making it partially recycled. After the candle has been fully burned, we recommend that you clean out the container and reuse it for other purposes. This increases product longevity and sustainability.


All materials that are a part of the packaging are 100% recyclable, degradable, and reusable. We highly suggest that our customers repurpose the packaging.

Our Promise:

At Edward Joiner, we strive to bring our customers a premium experience with the quality of our products, our design language, and our sustainability efforts. If you ever have any questions about our sustainable fashion practices or anything else regarding sustainability, message us on our Instagram.