EJ MiiR Water Bottle


Each EJ MiiR Water Bottle is made of 18/8 medical grade stainless steel. This feature ensures that the water bottle does not have a metal aftertaste. Each bottle comes standard with MiiR's Thermo 3D ™ Double Wall Vacuum Insulation Technology. This technology allows cool liquids to remain cold for 24 hours and warm liquids heated for 12 hours. The bottle is also engineered to prevent sweating. Usability and comfort stay at the forefront of the customer experience.

On average, the purchase of one reusable water bottle reduces the amount of waste from single-use plastic bottles by 1,046 units of bottles per year. Using reusable water bottles also saves each individual approximately $200 per year or $16,000 over the course of one's life.



We are excited to continue to bring the same level of sustainable excellence from the Premiere Hoodie to the EJ MiiR Water Bottle. All materials that are a part of the packaging are 100% recyclable, degradable, and reusable. We highly suggest that our customers repurpose the packaging.


Why Miir:

When we canvassed the reusable water bottle industry, we had many options at our disposal. There are several reasons why MiiR stood out to us as a qualified partner. The first reason is their bottles’ build quality and design. Miir bottles have an elegance that separates them from other bottles in the industry. They are also built extremely well in terms of the materials used as well as technology. The second reason Miir stood out to us was the company's dedication to giving back. Each Miir bottle comes standard with a give code which can be used at https://www.miir.com/pages/givecode to make a donation to MiiR’s current giving project. The third reason why Miir outshined the competition was in their transparency and dedication to sustainability. Miir is transparent about why their bottles are produced where they are produced as well as how they track their impact on the environment. Stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle technology was born and pioneered in China. This is why every major reusable water bottle business in the industry produces in China. MiiR’s affiliate factory in Zhejiang is audited three times a year by a third party auditor named Elevate. Elevate specializes in delivering a range of social and environmental supply chain assessments that support impact-driven responsible sourcing programs. 


Our Promise:

At Edward Joiner, we strive to bring our customers a premium experience with the quality of our products, our design language, and our sustainability efforts. If you ever have any questions about our sustainable fashion practices or anything else regarding sustainability, message us on our Instagram.


As always, our goal at Edward Joiner is to bring our audience premium products that are rooted in sustainability, functionality, and style. If you have any questions about the EJ MiiR Water Bottle navigate to our contact page and fill out the designated fields.