Premiere Hoodie Sustainability Page

Materials & Sourcing:

All Edward Joiner garments are 100% cotton sourced from the United States and milled in Canada. We take pride in using a cotton blend that is breathable and soft.

All garments are dyed with non-toxic dyes in Canada. Once the cotton is sourced, the creation of the garment (sewing, dyeing, finishing, etc.) is done within a 12-mile radius, which reduces our already low carbon footprint. 

We understand cotton is a very water-intensive crop, which is why we are continuously looking into sourcing high-quality blends that are both functional and sustainable. We look for guidance from organizations such as the Better Cotton Initiativewhich is a non-profit that focuses its efforts globally to show farmers the impact of the cotton they grow. Ideally, we believe that we can spark change for a world where 100% of the cotton produced is done so in a sustainable and clean way. When we all decide to take care of the planet and each other, the world becomes a better place for us all.


To reduce the amount of waste associated with the product, we do not seal our garments in single-use plastics. All materials that are a part of the packaging are recyclable, degradable, and can be reused. We highly suggest that our customers repurpose the packaging.

Our Promise:

At Edward Joiner, we strive to bring our customers a premium experience with the quality of our products, our design language, and our sustainability efforts. If you ever have any questions about our sustainable fashion practices or anything else regarding sustainability, message us on our Instagram.